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Fujifilm X-T1 Firmware Wishes


In the meantime I have been photographing with the Fujifilm X-T1 for half a year: In private life, on trips, for jobs in the studio or on location shoots. Still I like the camera a lot. But as usual, there are still a few aspects that could and should be improved by Fujifilm.

Some of these points are already solved with the Fujifilm X30 (have a look at the First Look), this means there is hope, that a new firmware will change theses points for the X-T1, too.

Resolving Problems

Exposure Compensation together with ISO-Auto

The exposure compensation should also work in manual exposure and ISO Auto. Currently, you can only set a correction, but it has no effect. This is not only impractical but also confusing.

Autofocus on the foreground

The autofocus with automatic field selection should try to focus to the foreground. I know this principle from other cameras since usually you focus the foreground. This behavior is even more important within one AF-Field. If I want to set the focus on a face and even background within the field the camera often focuses the background, probably because there is a higher contrast. This is very annoying and it forces you to work with a very small AF-field and to aim very precisely. A modern camera should do better.

Face-Detection and Vario-AF

The face detection AF should be combined with the Vario-AF function: If no face was detected it should show in the EVF or on the screen normal the AF-field, for a usual selection of the field. Currently this does not work, so you have to turn the face recognition always on and off.

Expand Functionality

Show highlights

A detection of highlights (overexposure) and completely black areas (underexposure) in Live View and Playback modes would be very helpful. In this case the electronic viewfinder could show its advantages over an SLR. In my opinion it would be ideal if overexposures would be highlighted red and underexposures blue, the same way as in Adobe Lightroom. This feature should triggerd by the Fn-Key, so it is another custom function. Technically, this feature can not be particularly difficult to be implemented, since my Pentax Optio WP already did this in 2005.

Playback instead of image display

The Automatic picture display after shooting requires a possibility for Zoom (Focus Assist), display of highlights and histogram. The best solution for this is a direct change in the playback mode, because it features everything you need at this point there. Other manufacturers do this already for a long time, for example Nikon.

Auto ISO depending on focal length

While using ISO-Auto, it should be possible to set the longest time depending on the focal length. Thus it is much more usable for zoom lenses. It would make sense to select a factor as each photographer captures different times freehand without shaking. The easiest way would be additional entries in the existing list of longest time: 2/f, 1.4/f, 1/f, 1/1.4f, 1/2f, 1/3f. Even better would be an additional setting which then applies parallel to the already existing fixed time. Then you could use the fixed time to prevent blur of the target and simultaneously the variable time against the burning far-dependent blur.

Smaller Improvements

Move focus-field immediately

To move the focus area, a second keystroke is currently always necessary, even if you have assigned all four pad buttons for focus point selection. In this case, one could move the field immediately, because that is what the user wants make this moment.

Display for menu

The mode "Only EVF + sensor" is very convenient. When you open the menu or Quick menu it should be automatically shown on the screen, since it can be operated much better on the screen and for making bigger changes in the settings you usually take the camera from your eye.

Toggle function for Fn

On / off settings (such as face recognition) on Fn-Keys should act as toggle buttons, so switch it each time you press the button linked to the setting. This would be much easier and faster than changing it via the complete menu.

AE-L and AF-L configurable

The AE-L and AF-L buttons should be freely configurable like Fn-Keys. Their functions should join the list of Fn-Functions. This offers the user two more custom buttons.

Displaying Focal Length

An internal indicator in EVF or display would be handy to constantly see the focal length, especially while working with Zoom-Lens. This should be displayed depending on the cameras configuration.

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