Vita Dirk Hennig

Born december 1974 in Bremerhaven. Germany; Youth in Nothern Germany; Went to Univertity in Hanover; since 2006 in Stuttgart, Germany.

My first photographic experience was as a kid with a 6x6 camera. As a teenager, a 35mm SLR followed and I did first work in a photographic laboratory. During my studies at the university a scanner fot negatives was added to my gear and I started with digital image manipulation. The early change to digital photography was a breakthrough for my work. I started my first photographic homepage in the year 2000.

During my photographic career, my main field of interest changed from travel-photohraphy to people: portrait, weddings, fine art nude, glamour, beautry and fashion. Today my main interest is into portraits and fine art nudes. But still I enjoy working in other fields like achitecture or cars and especially travelling and exporing different countries with my camera.

For me the art of photography is a challenge and passion at the same time. Sophisticated images with atmosphere and emotions are what is important to me. Clearly the artistical part of a picture is always more important than the gear, but still the technical side of photography is also one of my interests. In my eyes, the mixture of mastering the gear and being creative is what makes photography that interesting.

Photographer Dirk Hennig, Selbstportrait